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Ask professor Sander van Deventer

With CTTE you have the unique opportunity to ask professor van Deventer, special quest of VI Annual International Symposium “Current topics in Gene and Cell Technologies”. Here are Pr. Van Deventer's introductory words

«I have had a critical role in the development of the first commercial monoclonal antibody (Remicade) and the first gene therapy to be granted market authorization in the Western world (Glybera). Currently I am a General Partner at Forbion Capital Partners, Professor of Translational Gastroenterology Leiden University Medical Center and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Arthritis Foundation. I am also a member of the Boards of Argos Therapeutics (Durham, USA), Uniqure (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Cardoz (Stockholm, Sweden) gICare (Montreal, Canada) en Hookipa (Vienna, Austria). 

I was trained as an internist and board verified gastroenterologist, received doctorate of philosophy from the University of Amsterdam, worked as a scientist at Rockefeller University and became director of the laboratory for Experimental Internal Medicine at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam in 1995. In 1998 I co-founded Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT; currently Uniqure), a gene therapy company that develops AAV-based gene therapy products. From 2001 until 2004, I chaired the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. I have authored more than 80 book chapters, 500 peer review scientific papers, have organized several large international scientific conferences, and supervised more than 40 PhD students».

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